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The Finest Shower Doors Available. Designed, Manufactured & Installed by Go Glass inc.
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Frameless and Framed Shower Enclosures are our Specialty. Go Glass offers both Framed
and Frameless Shower Units that can be custom cut to fit into any shower opening; we use
only the best quality hardware supplied.
Go GLASS NY provides many types of glass for an array of applications. We can also customize the glass you need to your specifications!

Tempered Glass
- a popular form of safety glass, tempered glass is strong and thermal resistant, and prevents injury by breaking into small fragments. It is made from annealed glass by a thermal tempering process. Tempered glass is used for tabletops, doors, and windows.

Laminated Glass - another type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an inter layer, which keeps the glass bonded. In the event of breaking, a "spider web" cracking pattern is produced.

Frosted Glass - a type of glass that is acid etched, obscuring view while still passing light. This is most commonly used for doors.

Bullet Proof Glass
- bullet proof glass is made from a tempering process and is ideal for jewelry stores. See more about bullet-resistant glass here.

Low-E Glass - Low-emission glass reflects heat, but lets in light. The glass is coated that bonds by a virtually invisible substance and is mostly used with windows Learn more about low-e glass here.

There are numerous types of glass we can manufacture for your application. Call us today to discuss the possibilities!
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